User Group Agenda and Updates (Feb. 2nd, 2018)

Hi all,

As discussed, I’ve made some verbiage updates to our Meetup pages to try to make our meetups accessible and more interesting to a larger audience. Please feel free to review the updates and provide feedback or make further changes.
Also, please feel free to offer any suggestions on new ways to reach more people for our meetups.

The proposed topic schedule is at the bottom with the new addition to make every third meetup a bit different and have more hands-on meetups.

The first, new ‘hands-on’ meetup will be in April where we will discuss testing patches for contrib modules to verify if the patch resolves the issue it is intended for. We’ll go over various methods of applying patches for testing and how to to add a patch to your composer file. We’ll also perform live patch applying and testing to verify if the patch works as expected and then report back to the issue queue.

Please obtain a list of possible patches you’ve found that may be good for testing during this meetup. We’ll review the lists and pick the best patches/issues to test then.

Some other potential topics that were discussed for our new, hands-on meetups are:

  • Review the website for content and structure improvements
  • Upgrade the website to Drupal 8
  • Performing code reviews/walkthrough of existing code to discuss how it works (most likely custom code that a member created)
  • ‘Bug squashing’ – Creating patches for bugs in the issue queues for core or contrib modules
  • Creating a new (simple) module
  • Performed documentation updates
  • “Lightning Session” short 10 minute topics from multiple members

Proposed Schedule

  • March
    • Darren
    • Drush
  • April (hands-on)
    • Patch Testing
  • May
    • Adam
    • Custom migrations
  • June
    • Shawn & Adam
    • Drupal Commerce 2.0
  • July (hands-on)
    • Hand-on TBT
  • August
    • Shawn
    • Picture module, responsive images and breakpoints
  • July
    • Michael
    • TBD