Notify User of New Account always defaults to 'unchecked'


User.module (core)


Notify User of New Account always defaults to 'unchecked'.

I notice there is a debate / stalemate of people who have good reasons for either making it default TRUE for FALSE.

Notice also there have been many patches submitted (and rejected) based on either bad coding... or philosophical grounds... because they're attempting to simply change the default..

We would be providing a true solution: Let the admin choose for themselves... without having to write a module to change the default value. Make the default selector part of core!

What It Would Take

This would make a simple exercise for our meeting: Write a quick module that demonstrates how hooks work; a hook for the default value, and a hook to put a default selector in the configuration area.

Then... a discussion of how this would be properly submitted so it makes life easy for the maintainer to accept it.

Wouldn't it be cool if we wrote something that got accepted into Core? :)