New TBDUG Website

We've launched a new Drupal 7 TBDUG website. Although there was nothing wrong with the old website we decided to seize the opportunity while moving the website to a new host and give the site a face and feature lift. In actuality, it was best to start from scratch with a brand new site and just migrate the existing content over as needed.

The new site has been simplified by dropping the blog, forum and some other features and then consolidating them into a single Content Type called "Bulletins". Any member can post a new Bulletin and, once posted, an email will be sent to all members notifying them of the new post. This should be a great way to keep up-to-date on the TBDUG happenings. Of course, you can always unsubscribe from these notices in your TBDUG profile page.

The user profile pages have also been expanded to allow for entering more info into them. The vision is to have our member directory to be used for more local Drupal networking and connection with our members. Please take some time to review your current TBDUG profile page and add any further information that you'd like.

As needed, new features and functionality can be added going forward as this is just a start. Bring your ideas and comments to the next group meeting to discuss and implement.